Split Workshop in Atmospheric Physics and Oceanography May 22 - 30, 2010 Split,Croatia


Second Split Workshop on Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

The most prominent and prestigious international scientists will teach 13 best students from the region as well as their international colleagues in the vigorous areas of atmospheric and oceanographic science. The topics combine the fundamental knowledge as well as specific issues of modern research.
Through innovative lecturing techniques and close interaction with professors, the students will be exposed to the ideas not heard in their regular education. The students will have the opportunity to establish international scientific collaborations. The first workshop was a great success and we will use all the experince gained through it to make this one even better.
The workshop is on the graduate level. The workshop language is English. The attendees that successfully finish the workshop will be accredited for 5 ECTS points.
The students will participate in discussions and hold independent seminars on the work done prior to coming to the workshop and defined by the lecturer/mentor. For applications and questions please contact:Zeljka Fuchs Timetable:PDF
Lecture Topics
Forest flux tower data analysis and comparison with ERA-Interim
Alan Betts (Atmospheric Research Pittsford VT, USA)
Lecture: Land-surface-atmosphere coupling PDF

Johan Arnvist

Presentation: Turbulent forest flux measurements and comparison with ERA-interima PDF
Possible connection between stratospheric temperature changes and tropical cyclone activity
Kerry Emanuel (MIT, USA)
Lecture: Hurricanes and climate PDF

Saska Gjorgijevska

Presentation: Lower stratospheric temperature tendencies and their possible effect on tropical cyclone activity PDF
Dynamics of the extratropical response to tropical heating
Nicholas Hall(Toulouse, France)
Lecture: Modelling techniques for diagnosing large scale dynamical responses in the atmosphere PDF

Kathrin Lisa Kapper

Presentation: Dynamics of the extratropical response to tropical heating PDF
Oceanic Kelvin waves and MJO
George Kiladis(NOAA, USA)
Lecture: The Madden-Julian oscillation and oceanic Kelvin Waves PDF

Leon Chafik

Presentation: Oceanic Kelvin waves and MJOPDF

Air Pollution and air quality modeling
Darko Koracin(University of Nevada, USA)
Lecture: Application of a Lagrangian stochastic dispersion model to forward and inverse air quality modeling PDF

Tamara Hunjak

Presentation: Comparison of Gaussian and Lagrangian dispersion model PDF
Linear response function of a cumulus ensemble to temperature and moisture perturbations and implications to the dynamics of convectively coupled waves
Zhiming Kuang (Harvard, USA)
Lecture: Large-scale convectively coupled tropical transients PDF

Michael Herman

Presentation: Linear response functions. A tool for model analysis and comparison PDF
Contributing to the global sea level change
Stjepan Marcelja (The Australian National University, Australia)
Lecture: Ocean heat content PDF

Maristella Berta

Presentation: Processes contributing to the global sea level change PDF
Predictability of severe hydrometeorological events in the Mediterranean area
Antonio Parodi(CIMA, Italy)
Lecture: Spatial and temporal evolution of deep moist convective processes: the role of microphysics PDF

Jorge Cisneros

Presentation: Predictability of severe hydrometeorological events in the Mediterranean areaPDF
Gross moist stability
David Raymond(New Mexico Tech, USA)
Lecture: Tropical cyclogenesis and gross moist stabilityPDF

Sanda Divanovic

Presentation: Gross moist stabilityPDF
Stipo Sentic

Presentation: The thermodynamic control of tropical rainfall PDF
Tropical cyclone spin-up
Roger Smith(University of Munich, Germany)
Lecture: Dynamics of heat lows PDF

Ana Juracic

Presentation: Tropical cyclone spin-up revisitedPDF
Julia Palamarchuk

Presentation: The dynamics of heat lows over flat terrainPDF
The Madden-Julian oscillation
Adam Sobel(Columbia University, USA)
Lecture: Highly idealized semi-empirical MJO model PDF

Christoph Schmidt

Presentation: The Madden-Julian oscillation PDF