Teaching philosophy

When I teach physics at freshmen level my first goal is to motivate the students (demonstration prior to the lecture, educational (yet fun) online movie). To keep them engaged, I do several relevant real-life examples pertaining to the material. I do my best to show them that physics can be exciting. When I teach the undergraduate upper level or graduate courses, I make a point of teaching my students to go beyond of what is in their books and notes. I encourage them to seek more information from other sources, and work hard to develop an atmosphere of inquiry and critical thinking.

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Phys 121
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Phys 321
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Phys 505
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Phys 380
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ST 589
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My goals in teaching -

To engage the students through interaction, to pay close attention to them, to answer any of their questions, offer alternative ways of teaching the material, and most importantly, to always keep my doors and my mind open.

My love in teaching -

I continue to be inspired by my students; they make my job worthwhile. Because of them no class is ever the same, nor am I.Zeljka Fuchs, Ph.D

Turbulent teaching environment -

As advanced technology transforms the world, the students change, and so do I. My everyday life constantly teaches me something new, and therefore, I learn a lot from my children. The diversity of life on two continents opens my eyes when I get too confident, but also engages me to think and adapt more.