CPEX flight Dr. Zeljka Fuchs (http://kestrel.nmt.edu/~zeljka/) is looking for a graduate student in atmospheric physics. The student would have an opportunity to work at a project OTREC (Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection) funded by NSF with 5.4 million dollars (for research, plane deployment etc). The field phase of the project is in August and September 2019, the operational center will be in Costa Rica. The student would be a part of the field phase, experiencing flying into storms and observing convection from up close. The student would analyze dropsondes and radar data collected as a part of OTREC and their thesis would most likely be based on new discoveries from this large and exciting project. For more information on OTREC see: https://cwc.nmt.edu/projects/otrec/.

To apply please e-mail zeljka.fuchs@nmt.edu. The formal New Mexico Tech Graduate School application details can be found at: https://www.nmt.edu/gradstudies/admissions.php.