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Atmospheric Electricity Studies
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General Talks about lightning

General Audience Lightning Presentation --
(10.4 MByte pdf)<--Click Here..

2008 Physics Colloquium --
(9.3 MByte pdf)<--Click Here..

"Animation" of Balloon Launch
(600 KByte animated gif)
Langmuir Electric Field Array

2010 - Sprite Studies with LEFA -- AGU Talk (2 MB)

2010 - Lightning charge location -- APS Talk (2 MB)

2009 - Langmuir Electric Field Array -- AGU Poster (700 kByte)
Data Archive for Refereed Publications LEFA Instrument Status Request Form for Langmuir Electric Field Array Data


Zhang 2009 - LEFA Design (2 MB pdf)

Walden 2008 - Command_Cutdown (10.8 MB pdf)

Battles 2005 - Electric Field Sonde (1.8 MB pdf)

Projects from Earlier Times





Older Publications

Journal of Geophysical Research Article

AGU 2004

New Mexico Geology 2004
'Union County' article ends w/ our hail
(Hail terminal velocity calc.)

Other interesting photos

Great Hail of '04

Video of hail bouncing 10 meters off roof
(600 KByte AVI)

Longer Video of Great Hail of '04
(2.6 MByte AVI)

Historical AE Apparatus

Langmuir Lab and Collaborators

Pics of Langmuir in Winter
Little that you see on this page would be possible without the generosity and kind advice
of my collaborators in Tech Physics, particularly Bill Winn, Ken Eack, Paul Krehbiel, Bill Rison, and the staff
of Langmuir Lab.

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