Linux Introduction Creating a Flash Drivers and Docs for "Prometheus" GPS Configuration tool Data Analysis Scripts Important Definitions

Research Resources

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These resources are fairly specialized to Balloon Borne Sondes

Unix Tools

Unix Tools Slides (Univ. Cambridge)

My personal notes on Linux

The big picture: Comparing Boot
and Configuration for major Linux distros

Installing Pebble Linux on Compact Flash (v1.12)

NYC Wireless's Readme for V41 (Local copy)

Pebble [pebble.v41.tar.bz2](Also have a local copy)

Detailed compile and install procedure for DSCUD (v1.4)

Universal Driver (DSCUD) Source for Diamond "Prometheus" (version 5.7)

Universal Driver (DSCUD) Manual

Prometheus Users Manual v1.44

Prometheus Assembly drawings

About Garmin GPS Configuration Tool

Sample Configuration File

Garmin Configuration Software (Windows)

Preflight NTP Check

ESonde Data Log Formats

ESonde Data Binary to ASCII Unpack program
(Updated for Summer 2005)

M-file for plotting fieldmill .flt files

M-file for analyzing Esonde .csv files

Updated Cutdown Package

Definitions of Field directions

Sample GPS NMEA Sentences

B-Field at Langmuir

Useful GPS Coordinates near Langmuir

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