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Matlab files in this directory:

 anyToKelvinTakes input in degrees C, K, F, or R, and returns temperature in Kelvin.
 ballAnimateAnimates a ball and moves it through the path described by arrays x and y
 basketball3Trajectory of ball w/ quadratic drag -- to be called by compareIntegration.m
 brownianBrownian motion simulation:
 compareIntegrationDemonstrates convergence of Runge-Kutta 4 vs. other techniques. Requires basketball3.m
 kelvinToAnykelvinToAnyany takes input in K, returns temp in C, K, F, or R.
 magmag returns the magnitude of a row vector
 orbital_model7Orbital mechanics--with RK4 method.
 periodTableExample of formatted tabular output AND reading and parsing a text file
 printCelsiusPRINTCELSIUS Assumes input in degrees Fahrenheit.
 printitPRINTIT Prints the figure numbered "input"
 rTPBThis is an example of rectToPolar done badly.
 rectToPolarGoodconvert the rectangular coords (x, y) to polar coordinates
 tempConverttempconvert Takes input in degrees C, K, F, or R.
 tempConvert1Same function as tempConvert, demonstrating use of functions instead of inline code.
 velocityTableExample of how to print a nicely formatted table
 view1hViewer for orbital_model7, demonstrates animation of orbits

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