Construction and Assembly Photos:

Alignment and Assembly Videos:

2013-04-11 Dewar Disassembly.

Dewar disassembly to remove the camera and collimator optics mounts. The mounts are off to JWI for final fitting to the lens barrels.

2013-04-23 AMASING On Test Cart.

In order to test the X-Y translation capabilities of the interface plate under load we partially assembled AMASING on the test cart. Further tests will confirm that the optical table in AMASING is aligned with the support structure.

Mounting NESSI Support Structure to the Handling and Test Cart.

Time lapse of the removal of AMASING and mounting of NESSI to the handling and testing cart.

2013-05-13 K-mirror Install.

Installing the support structure and rotation stage for the K-Mirror for the first time.

2013-05-15 K-Mirror First Rotation.

The first rotation of the K-Mirror after mounting in the structure without optics installed.


View of the alignment target at the M2 location viewed with alignment telescope 1, rotating cross-hair thickness is 250um.


View of the alignment target at the M2 location viewed with alignment telescope 2, rotating cross-hair thickness is 250um.


View of the alignment target on the front lens of alignment telescope 2 using alignment telescope 1. All three mirrors have been installed and aligned. The rotating cross-hairs are 0.5mm thick (from outside edge to outside edge of the dark part of the cross-hair).

NESSI first light activities in the Hale control room with Chris Salcido, Rob Zellem, Andres Olivares and Michelle Creech-Eakman. Photo by Liz. Landau and her team.

NESSI being lifted into the prime focus cage at the Hale.  Mark Swain and Michelle Creech-Eakman are in the foreground in the picture, with Andres Olivares and Chris Salcido in the background.  Photo by Liz Landau and her team.