Multi-object Masks 12' FOV, 0.5" pixels 1.0-2.4 μm 7 cold masks + open
Low-Resolution Spectra R~200 1.0-2.4 μm (J, H & K) Teledyne H2RG science detector
Moderate-Resolution Spectra R~1100 1.0-2.4 μm (J, H or K) Teledyne H2RG science detector
Autoguiding Optical/Red, 0.25" pixels 0.5-0.9 μm, 4' FOV E2V CCD47-10
Narrow-line Imaging Full-Field (12' FOV) imaging 13 filters 7 filter slots in one wheel, 3 in other
K-Mirror Selectable angles 0.5-2.4 μm 0.3" tracking stability specification
Wide-band single object photometry Magnitude limits TBD J, H or K

NESSI salient specifications for the curious astronomer. Note that NESSI also has imaging modes for narrow-band imaging over the 12 arc minute field of view. The narrow-band filters have arrived in time for our first light.

NESSI warm optics layout.

NESSI cold optics layout.