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Department of Physics
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM  87801, Workman Center
email:  michelle.creecheakman 'at'  nmt.edu
Phone:  575-835-5809          FAX:  575-835-5707

Office hours: See my door for hours or email me for an appointment.

Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer Project Scientist
NMT, Research Office Building
801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: 575-835-6756      FAX: 575-835-6807

Hi. Welcome to my home page.   (last update Jan 25, 2020)
I apologize for the mess, but life is always in a state of flux.....

Teaching - links for my students:

Physics 121 - General Physics I - last taught - S2007
Physics 122 - General Physics II -- last taught -- F2012
Physics 449/549 - Astrobiology --  last taught -- S2016
Physics 333 --Electricity and Magnetism -- last taught -- F2009
Physics 380 -- Practicum in Problem Solving -- last taught -- S2016
Physics 334 - Radiation and Optics -- ongoing -- See Canvas Pages
Physics 501/2 -- Graduate Lab -- ongoing research work
Physics 505 - Advanced Dynamics -- last taught -- F2018
Physics 545 -- Techniques of Instrumentation (with Ken M. and Richard S.) -- first taught -- F2019
Physics 562 - Stellar Astrophysics -- last taught -- F2019
Physics 567 - Miras (Reading Course) -- taught once -- S2015
Physics 579 - Graduate/Faculty Seminar -- last taught -- F2018
Physics 589 -- Spectroscopy (with Ken M.) -- last taught -- S2019

Some of my research interests include:
Current Stuff I've been up to:
Quotes on science by famous scientists

Former and Current Graduate Students and what they are up to now

  • Projects and the people I collaborate(d) with on them include:
  • Interferometric Instrumentation Chris Haniff, David Buscher, John YoungGautam Vasisht and Mark Colavita
    Near-IR interferometry a variety of stars: PTI Collaboration
    Mid-IR interferometry/nulling at Keck Interferometer
    New optical/infrared interferometer in design:  Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer
    Young Stellar Objects (Herbig Ae/Bes and T Tauris) Geoff Blake, Ewine van Dishoeck, Rachel Akeson and Claire Chandler
    AGB Stars (Mira and SR variables) Bob Stencel , Bob Thompson, Zeljko Ivezic , Angela Speck , Don Luttermoser  and Gerard van Belle
    Exoplanets Mark Swain, Rob Zellem and Glenn Orton

    Interferometry Stuff:

    Upcoming SPIE Interferometry Sessions - 2018
    "Keck in Motion" video showing the Keck Interferometer
    StarDate Shows on MROI and Interferometry -- #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
    Here are links to opt/IR interferometers:  PTI , KI, MROI, CHARA, COAST, NPOI, ISI
    Here's a somewhat outdated link to companies I use frequently
    page by MJCE, last updated by MJCE -- September, 2016
    background by Claude Monet, "Nympheas a Giverny"
    1916-1919, I believe this one is at the Marmottan in Paris,, but please let me know otherwise...

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