Former and Current Graduate Students I've worked with.....

M.S. Degrees:
Jessica (Elias) Deines, M.S. in Physics, grad. 2009, military job in western U.S.
Alisa Shtromberg, M.S. in Physics with Instrumentation specialization, grad. 2013, web administrator in Washington
Tristan Wolfe, M.S. in Physics, grad 2013, pursuing Ph.D. in Colorado
Tina Guth, M.S. in Physics, grad. 2014 , stayed on for Ph.D.
Mallory (White) Tozier, M.S. in Physics, grad. 2015, teaching H.S. Physics in Colorado

Ph.D. Degrees:
Luke Schmidt, Ph.D. in Physics, grad. 2012, working for observatory/univ. in Texas
Tyler McCracken, Ph.D. in Physics, grad. 2014, working for Ball in Colorado
Heather Bloemhard, Ph.D. in Physics with Atmospheric Physics specialization, grad. 2015, working for Vanderbilt University
Tina Guth, Ph.D. in Physics with Astrophysics specialization and minor in Industrial Math, grad. 2017 working for NMSU with Nancy Chanover

Dana Baylis-Aguirre. Ph.D. expected 2019
Megan Hein, Ph.D. expected 2021
Johnathan Dooley, Ph.D. expected 2021

Former postdocs with MRO:
Colby Jurgenson, working for Ohio State
Luke Schmidt, see above
Kamel Hourairi, working in France
Michael Hrynevych, working in Australia