Physics 334: Radiation and Optics
last updated: April 20, 2017
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The second test will be in mid April.  The final will be a take-home handed out the last
week of April.  We only have 6 weeks left so let's make the most of them!!

Class meeting time:  T/Th 11:00-12:15 Workman 310

HW: Due in Workman Office (357) or Physics mailbox by 4:30 pm on day of assignment

Contact Info: M. Creech-Eakman, Workman 357, X5809, mce at

Office hours: Office hours  TBD or by appt. (email me at above address)

Main books: Intro. to Electricity and Magnetism, 3rd edition, Purcell & Morin and Introduction to Optics, 3rd Ed., Pedrotti, Pedrotti and Pedrotti

Click here for a pdf copy of the syllabus.

Click here for a pdf copy of the third edition of  Griffith's Electrodynamics book to supplement your reading.

Quote for thought:
"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."
--Albert Einstein

I have other science quotes here if you are seeking inspiration.

Detailed Lectures, Reading and homework assignments:

Jan 17: Syllabus, questionnaries and optics pretest. Review HW #1 coming out..  
Jan  19:  Announcements and start Maxwell's equations
Jan 24: More Maxwell.  Retooling the class due to missing material. Reading summary Ch 9 Purcell due
Jan 26: Various catch-up on energy and conservation  HW #1 due
Jan 31:  Various catch-up on Poynting vector and conservation principals
Feb 2:  Final catch-up on Maxwell  HW #2 due
Feb 7  Electricity in media and boundary conditions. 
Reading summary Ch 10 Purcell due
Feb 9    Electric materials.  Multipole expansion.
Feb 14  Magnetic materials and dipoles.  Reading summary Ch 11 Purcell
Feb 16  Ferro, para and diamagnetism.  HW #3 due
Feb 21   Boundary conditions and Fresnel Equations
Feb 23  Radiation discussions.   HW #4 due.  Reading summary Ch 11 Griffiths due
Feb 28  Radiation and radiation reaction.    Test #1 supplementary questions coming out.
Mar 2   Prep for test #1    HW #5 due
Mar 7  --  TEST #1 -- Concentrating on Ch 9-11 Purcell and Ch 11 Griffiths.

Mar 9  --You need to have Pedrotti by today!!! Radiometry and optics history.    Reading summary Ch 1-2 Pedrotti.
MARCH 13-17 Spring Break -- No classes
Mar 21 -- Geometrical optics
Mar 23 -- More geometrical optics -- sign conventions, and prisms.  HW #6 due.
Mar 28 -- Optical instruments -- eyes and cameras and superposition.  Reading summary Ch 3 Pedrotti (read 4 & 5).
Mar 30 -- Modern physics leading up to lasers -- Wien max and Stefan-Boltzmann and BB -- oh my!!  HW #7 due.
Apr 4 --  Lasers and laser safety. Starting interference.  Reading summary Ch 6 Due
Apr 6 -- Interference applications. HW #8 due.  Test #2 supplementary questions coming out.
Apr 11 -- Optical Interferometry and applications.
Apr 13 -- TEST #2 -- Chapters 1-6 Pedrotti
Apr 18 -- Optical interferometry and Fraunhofer diffraction.  Reading summary Ch 7-8 due
Apr 20  -- Diffraction cases and the diffraction grating.  HW #9 Due.
Apr 25  -- Fresnel diffraction and start polarization.  Reading summary Ch 11-12 due  Final lecture selection topic.
Apr 27 -- Basics of Polarization and applications.  Test #3 coming out -- take-home exam.   HW #10 due & Reading summary Ch 13 & 15 due.
EXTRA CREDIT talk:  Dr. Bob Stencel discussing optical interferometry in the US.  Workman 101 -- 4 pm.
May 2 -- Professor AWOL -- In-class optics post-test for extra credit!!
May 4 -- Students' choice for lecture!!! Take home test #3 due - Chapters 7, 8, 11,12, 13 & 15.
May 9/10 -- Final paper due -- print it out please.  If these dates are bad, come arrange with me in person.
FINALS WEEK -- FINAL is on: XXX day.  Comprehensive Final -- all previous topics are fair game.  If you have
A's on the first and second exams you may skip it.  If you are unsure if you qualify, come chat with me.

Final:  TBD - Comprehensive exam