REUs and Internships (application deadlines)
New Mexico Tech Career Center (year round)
Physics Careers (jobs, not REUs) (year round)
NRAO (Socorro and Greenbank -- Ask Dr. Meier for more info)
NASA Internships (various)
Entire page of opportunities at American Astronomical Society (various)
Air Force Research Lab (1/10/2023) Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Internship database (various)
Maria Mitchell Observatory (2/1/2023)
SETI Institute (2/1/2023)
Cornell Astro (2/3/2023)
Georgia Tech Physics and Astro (2/15/2023)
Princeton Plasma Physics Undergraduate Fusion Research (3/1/2023)
Princeton Plasma Physics Student Undergraduate Labs (SULI) (1/10/2023)
IBM APS Internship (2/15/2021)
University of Chicago (Materials and Physics) - (2/15/2023)
Washington State University (2/12/2023)
University of Wisconsin and NSF National Data Mine -- eflyer (2/1/2023)
Grad. School Related Announcements
American Physical Society Bridge Grad. School Program for Minority Students -- flyer
Graduate Scholarships
National Defense Graduate Fellowship -- 3 years funding! (due 11/2/2020) -- flyer
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AFRL faculty fellowship (due 11/30/2020) -- flyer