Candis (originally, C-language ANalysis and DISplay, though it now contains Python and Go language components) is a package for analyzing and displaying numerical gridded data. It is modeled after the UNIX filter mechanism in which a complex task is broken down into simple components. Data are represented in a self-describing format called the "Candis data format" or "CDF" for short.

To compile all of Candis, a C/C++ compiler, version 3.xx of Python, and the gccgo Go compiler need to be installed. Mainly, one needs just the C standard and math libraries, though GRI (written in C++) has its own set of dependencies.

Candis was created by David J. Raymond and colleagues including many undergraduate and graduate students in the Physics Department at New Mexico Tech. Development is ongoing. Translators exist between Candis and the standard interchange file format NetCDF as well as for other special purpose formats in the atmospheric sciences.

GRI was created by Dan Kelley and colleagues of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is included here for convenience, as it is needed by goplot.

The following information is available: