Physics 340 -- Quantum Mechanics

This is an experimental hypertext course in quantum mechanics for junior-level physics majors. It is based in part on the use of a computer based matrix mathematics package called RLaB. (Note that you have to set up a few things for RLaB to work properly for this course.) Demonstrations based on RLaB are available.

Take a moment to examine the course policy. A project will be assigned in which you write a paper with technical and historical content appropriate to quantum mechanics. This paper will be peer reviewed by your classmates and the last week of class will be devoted to oral presentations of your project.

Homework assignments are updated when needed. Please look at this frequently.

Old tests are available for your perusal.

Note that this package is copyrighted with the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2.

HTQM version 0.9, Copyright (C) 1995 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

HTQM comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.