Lecture Demonstrations for Intro Physics
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This apparent piece of abstract art
is actually data generated by
Prof. Gollub at Haverford college.
I have no professional relationship with Dr. Gollub
but I use this data in class to illustrate how
the evolution of a chaotic system "stirs"
phase-space in the same way that this
dye is mixed with a stirring rod

Freshman Physics Lecture Supplements
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Freshman Physics Lecture Supplements

A Collection of slides to be used in a traditional calculus-based freshman physics course. The collection is not comprehensive, but contains worked problems that are appropriate for in-class discussions and self-testing of students, as well as other slides that are descriptive in nature intended to aid the instructor in presenting the material clearly and succinctly

Creator/Owner: R.Sonnenfeld

Note: This page is under development. I expect to share teaching aids, lecture notes and other material under a creative commons license.
Intro Physics Demonstrations
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Still Photos/Descriptions of Demos

Energy Conservation demo
2.3 MByte mpeg1

Video of Inertia demo
3.8 MByte mpeg1

Video of conclusion of Inertia demo
2 MByte AVI
Click for description of goals of the demos videoed above

Physics student Rosalie Ezra demonstrating low velocity motion
2.3 MByte mpeg1 (Video)

R. Ezra demonstrating moderate velocities
1.4 MByte mpeg1 (Video)

R. Ezra follows a difficult high velocity trajectory
4.5 MByte mpeg1 (Video)
Click for description of goals of the demos videoed above

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