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WHY DOES THIS SITE EXIST? === ==== ==== ==== ===== Rakov and Uman pointed out (Lightning: Physics and Effects, 2001) that despite 5000 published reports of ball lightning (BL) and a scientific literature comparable in volume to the literature on conventional lightning, we still have no idea of what mechanisms create or power BL. Our hope with this site is to get reports that contain precise position and time information regarding ball lightning. Simply that information will allow us to answer the following questions: 1) How frequently ball lightning associated with natural lightning? 2) In cases where it is associated, how nearby does the lightning need to be? 3) Is there anything special (e.g. polarity, max current, structure, multiplicity, continuing currents ) about the natural lightning or thunderstorm that is associated with ball lightning production. All of the above can be determined from modern lightning location and weather radar systems if we know precise time and location of the BL. Other elements of the report are of course interesting. In particular: a) What does the formation and destruction of the ball look like? b) Is the path consistent with hot buoyant gasses? c) Is the path consistent with a charged object inducing charge in other objects and tending to trace surfaces? d) How does the ball pass through windows? Does it ever pass through electrical conductors? THANKS FOR REPORTING!!

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