Printing on Kestrel from Linux or Mac

  1. Get into your printing utility, either the Cups web interface or your standard printer interface.
  2. Set printer type as “lpd”.
  3. The printer host is or “”.
  4. The printer name or queue is “physics”.
  5. Set the print filter as “generic/postscript”.
  6. That's it! Try it out.
Here are some additional notes (slightly edited) from Richard Sonnenfeld for Linux:
In a browser go to localhost:631
Go to "Administration" tab
Click "Add Printer"
You may be prompted for your root password
Under "Network Printers" click lpd/lpr
Enter lpd://
Enter useful (to you) printer name, description, location
Under "Add printer" you select the "make".
Even though it's a Xerox printer, you don't need to handle that (kestrel does it for you).
Select "Generic/postscript" as the "make/model" and click "Add printer"
You are done!
(N.B. Your "Print Preview" may show this printer as "greyscale" but in fact it will print color if that's what you send it).