Information on data and analysis for “The Madden-Julian oscillation and the West Pacific warm pool” by D. J. Raymond and Z. Fuchs



Analysis programs were written in the Go language with help from our Candis data analysis package. The characteristics of the free MJO modes were calculated using the zval program with the help of a bash shell script which in turn uses the qplot program in the Candis package to do plotting. The characteristics of the warm pool circulation were computed using warmpool2d.
Here are the shell scripts used to produce the figures. The Candis program goplot was used to do the plotting.


The model results for the homogeneous mode calculation are presented in here. This is created by running zval -1 0.35 0 0 -2 1 001.
The output file for warmpool2d is too big to include here. However, this output, which is needed for figures 8-11, can be recreated by running warmpool2d < in.001 > out.001. The input file can be found here. Move the output file to a subdirectory runs before running the figure shell scripts.
A Go compiler is needed to compile zval and warmpool2d. Also needed is the Candis Go interface gocandis. This exists in the Candis package. Either Google's go or gccgo will work. The Candis package is readily built on any Linux machine and can also be built on a Mac. With Windows, you are out of luck!


The latex for the paper resides in the file paper.tex. All the figures need to be recreated before this is run using pdflatex.