Physics 521 – Fall 2015

General information


Your grade is based on homework (25%) and 3 hourly tests (25% each). There is no final exam, but tests are cumulative – you can't forget the material that was covered on previous tests.
The tests are closed book, closed notes. However, you may bring in a one page reminder sheet if you desire.
Collaboration with other students on the development of homework solutions is OK. However, the final writeup should be the student's own work. Students will be asked to present selected homework problems to the class on the date the homework is due.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Notion of Stress
  3. Budgets, Fluxes, and the Equations of Motion
  4. Kinematics in Continuum Mechanics
  5. Elastic Bodies
  6. Waves in an Elastic Medium
  7. Statics of Elastic Media
  8. Newtonian Fluids
  9. Creeping Flow
  10. High Reynolds Number Flow

Additional information

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Academic honesty

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