Physics 579 - Seminar - Fall 2018

Hi folks. The syllabus and rules for attendance and snacks are discussed below.
If you need a new copy of the syllabus, look HERE.

You will need to attend and turn in 10 "talk forms" to get a "P" for the semester.  Last day to
turn these in is Dec 7, 2018.  I expect to see about 1/2 of them by midterms.....  I have a new
seminar form this semester -- look HERE.  The list of talks is posted on the
department's webpage under colloquium schedule.

See Alta for snack sign-up list.  Make sure you cover AT LEAST 2 primary and 2 secondary
slot this semester, some will need to cover more than this as we may have more than 10 speakers.  
For in-house speakers (from NMT), we spend about $10 on snacks, for out-of-house speakers, we spend
about $15-18.  Take receipts to Alta.  Tax will not be reimbursed as per State Law.

Come talk with me if you are confused or have any issues.