Physics 562: Stellar Astrophysics
last updated:  Sept 11, 2017
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Announcements:   Below is the detailed schedule for the course.

Class meeting time:  T/Th 11:-12:15, Workman 352

Contact Info: M. Creech-Eakman, Workman 357, X5809 OR occasionally MRO, ROB 147, X6756 OR mce at

Office hours: Posted on the door to my Workman Office or by appointment (try email)

Main books: See syllabus and one book online The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics, Collins
You can purchase Hansen, Kawaler and Trimble "Stellar Interiors" and Kippenhahn,Weigert and Weiss "Stellar Structure and Evolution" for the course and to support your own work regarding stars in the future, or borrow them from someone else who has taken the course. PDFs of lectures will be emailed to students after class.

Click here for a pdf copy of the syllabus.

Quote for thought:
"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."
--Albert Einstein

Links for grabbing papers:

ADS Abstracts
LANL Preprint Server

Links for required or useful reading: (you'll need to be on the campus network to download these)
Abbott & Conti -- WRs
BBFH 1957 (large)
Burrows et al.  - BDs
Chabrier & Baraffe -- Theory of LM Stars
Chanmugan -- B fields of Degenerate Stars
Gautschy & Saio -- Pulsations across HR diagram parts 1 & 2
Hartmann & Noyes -- Rotation and B field on MS
Herwig -- AGB
Hillebrandt & Niemeyer -- Type IA SN
Lebreton -- Stellar Structure & Evol from Hipparcos
Liebert -- WDs
Luhman -- Formation and Early Evol of LM Stars and BDs
McKee & Ostriker -- Star Formation
Sandage & Tammann -- Cepheids and other pulsators
Smartt -- Core-collapse SN
Taam & Sandquist -- Common Envelope Evol Massive Binaries
Thompson et al -- Solar rotation
Tohline -- Origin of Binary Stars
van Winckel -- Post AGB
Willson -- Mass-loss and Evolution
Zinnecker & Yorke -- Massive Star formation

Other potentially useful goodies:

Atomic and molecular data ---- Plasma gate  NIST 
Opacity databases ---  LANL TOPS   LLNL OPAL
"The Virial Theorem in Stellar Astrophysics" G. W. Collins, II
"Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres" R. J. Rutten
"Elements of Astrophysics" N. Kaiser
Online Astrophysics Books

These links are to colloquia schedules in the area.  Attending stellar talks and writing up a
review on them is worth extra credit.  See me for details.

NRAO Colloquia Schedule
--- generally Fridays at 11 AM at AOC
NMT Physics Colloquia Schedule
--- generally Thursdays at 4 PM at Workman 101
NMSU Astronomy Colloquia Schedule
--- generally Fridays at 3 PM at NMSU, Las Cruces
UNM Physics and Astronomy Colloquia Schedule
--- generally Fridays at 4 PM at UNM, Albuquerque

Note in particular:  (there are always others, so keep your eyes peeled....)
NRAO - D. Coppejans - 9/29 -- TBA -- likely massive stars;  NRAO - L. Hindson 10/13 -- star formation rate and radio continuum;
NRAO -- M. Rich -- 12/1 -- TBA -- likely stellar archaelology and populations over time;  NMSU -- L. Krista 11/17 -- solar eruptive
flares; UNM -- H. Li -- 10/6 -- TBA -- likely star formation theory; also consider attending the NM Symposium on Nov 3 at NRAO.

(Notes for relevant chapters:  HKT = Hansen et al., KWW = Kippenhahn, Weigert & Weiss, CO = Carroll & Ostlie, C = Collins, or others)

Schedule, Reading and homework assignments:
Aug 22: Syllabus and class intros
Aug 24: Observational evidence and HR diagram
Aug 29:  Likely off due to prelim
Aug TBD: Clusters, Hipparcos and Variable Stars
Aug 31: The Sun
Sept 5:
The Sun and Phys Today article on Sun
Sept 7:
Basic stellar equilibrium equations  (HW #1 Coming out)
Sept 12: Heat Transfer Lecture 1 & 2
Sept 14: Heat Transfer Lecture 2 & 3
Sept 19: Star Formation
Sept 21: Star Formation and BDs (HW #1 Due)
(HW #2 Coming out)
Sept 26: Nucleosynthesis and Polytropes 
Sept 28: BBFH -- 1st half -- in class discussions
Oct 3:  BBFH -- 2nd half -- in class discussions
Oct 5:  MS to HB evolution (MT questions coming out)
Oct 10: High Mass Evolution
Oct TBD: AGB to PNe 
Oct 12:  Midterms -- no class -- schedule individually - 75-90 min blocks (HW #3 Coming out)
week of Oct 17 likely off due to NESSI run -- 2 makeups to do
Oct TBD: Degenerate Stars
Oct 24:  Mass-loss  (First modeling project due.)
Oct 26:  Stellar Rotation and Circulation   (HW #4 Coming out)
Oct 31-Nov 2 likely off due to panel -- 2 makeups to do somewhere.....
Oct TBD:  Binary Evolution
Nov 2 -- Second modeling topic due.
Nov 7: Discuss Binary Papers -- Tohline (XX),  Hillenbrandt (XX), and Taam (XX)
Nov 9:  Variable Stars -- Observations   (HW #5 Coming out)
Nov 14:  Pulsation Theory
Nov 16:  Pulsation Theory
Nov 21:  Magnetic Fields in Stars  (Final questions coming out)
Nov 28:  Detection Techniques
Nov 30:  TBD
Dec 5:  Tentative Presentations to classmates -- long class
Dec 7:  Work on Capstone Papers and Final Project - No Classes
Dec 11 week:  Oral Finals - scheduled individually

Finals week:  All final project papers are due when individual oral finals occur.  Final exams individually scheduled.

Final topic talks:  TC --   MH --       JP --       

Finals Week:
Schedule TBD.

Rho-T plots from Kamion's course at Caltech - attributed to S. Phinney: