NMT Physics 425 (Astrophysics 3), Fall 2014

General Resources
NRL Plasma Formulary
Physical constants: cgs and SI

Maxwell's Equations
Dimensions & Units
Vector Identities
Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, C. J. Clarke & R. F. Carswell, 2007 (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press)
The Physics of Fluids and Plasmas: An Introduction for Astrophysicists, A. R. Choudhuri, 1998 (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press)
The Physics of Astrophysics, vol. 2: Gas Dynamics, Frank H. Shu, 1991 (Mill Valley, CA: University Science Books)
Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium, Lyman Spitzer, Jr., 1978 (New York: Wiley & Sons)

Course Notes
One big pdf file

Thanks to Dr. Eilek for assembling this stuff.

Other Fun Stuff to Do
There are lots of interesting seminars at NRAO.  To find them, go in the front door and then make an immediate hard right turn around to the auditorium.

Colloquium, Fridays @ 11:00 am: List of speakers and titles
Wednesday lunch @ 12:00 (bring your lunch or bring a few dollars and get some pizza): speakers and titles