Scattered Ultraviolet Radiation in the Upper Stratosphere, II: Models and Measurements

K. Minschwaner, G. P. Anderson, L. A. Hall, J. H. Chetwynd, R. J. Thomas, D. W. Rusch, A. Berk, and J. A. Conant


Scattered ultraviolet radiation in the 40-46 km altitude range is evaluated using an analytic, single-scattering description and results from AURIC (Atmospheric Ultraviolet Radiance Integrated Code). The calculations are compared with measurements obtained from a balloon-borne spectrometer at 1.5 nm resolution. The analytic approach is useful for conceptualizing the angular and spectral dependence of scattered UV radiation; however, use of a single scale height to describe the vertical distribution of absorbers and scatterers leads to errors of 50% or greater at intermediate ozone opacities. Results from AURIC generally are compatible with the observations, particularly below 210 nm where large discrepancies have been noted in prior model/measurement comparisons.

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