File Info

These are tarred files. To unpack, for example, you can execute the command "tar -xvf phot_F11_Mar.tar", which will produce a directory named "F11" with individual files of photolysis rates appropriate for a given latitude and for the month of March. There are 34 latitudes on a 5 degree grid from 82.5 S to 82.5 N.

The naming convention for each file is "species"diu_"month"_"latitide". The diu refers to the fact that these are diurnally averaged (not instantaneous) J-values.

Each file contains three columns: pressure, altitude, and J-value. The pressures are on a standard grid for all files but the altitudes are different for each season and latitude because of the different vertical profiles of temperature. The climatologies of temperature, ozone, and any other relevent parameters are based on UARS measurements and described in the paper by Minschwaner et al, JGR, 1998 .

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