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Publications of David Westpfahl

Papers Recently Submitted

D. Westpfahl, ``A Leading-Arm Mode in the Spiral Pattern of M81,'' 1993, submitted to Ap.J.

D. Westpfahl and D. Puche, ``Supernova-Driven Expansion: Observations, Kinematics, and Mass-to-Light Ratios of Holmberg I and M81 Dwarf A,'' 1992, submitted to A.J.

D. Puche and D. Westpfahl, ``Supernova-Driven Expansion: A Simple Evolutionary Scenario for Dwarf Galaxies,'' 1992, submitted to A.J.

F. Etscorn, T. Shaw, and D. Westpfahl, ``Failure to Show Conditioned Taste Aversion With 56 Hours of Exposure to a 60-Hz, 70 kV/m Electromagnetic Field,'' 1992, submitted for publication to Bioelectromagnetics. Papers in Refereed Journals

D. Westpfahl, ``The Angular Speed and Origin of the HI Spiral Pattern in M81,'' 1993, accepted for publication by Ap.J. Supplements.

D. Puche, D. Westpfahl, E. Brinks, and J.-R. Roy, ``Holmberg II: A Laboratory for Studying the Violent Interstellar Medium,'' 1992, A.J. 103 1841.

L. J. Sage and D. J. Westpfahl, ``First Detection of Molecular Gas Near the Center of M81,'' 1991, A&A 242, 371.

D. J. Westpfahl, Sally Craven, and David Duncan, ``Finding Charts of Field RR Lyrae Stars,'' 1991, accepted by P.A.S.P. - this is a very long paper, publication is pending due to high cost of publication.

P. Pesch, D. J. Westpfahl, and S. Simkin, ``Is the Quasar 3C 232 Embedded in the Neutral Hydrogen Tail of NGC 3067?,'' 1990, P.A.S.P. 102, 427.

John Kormendy and David Westpfahl, ``Non-Circular Gas Motions and the Radial Dependence of Mass-to-Light Ratio in NGC 4594 (the Sombrero Galaxy),'' 1989,Ap. J. 338, 752.

D. J. Westpfahl and G. F. Wheeler, ``Measuring the Wavelength of Light With a Ruler,'' 1985, American Association of Physics Teachers Announcer 14, No.4, 80.

R. Pollina, R. Larsen, and D. Westpfahl, ``The Electrical Properties of Coal Slag,'' 1980, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 40, 197.

D. E. Mook, F. I. Boley, C. B. Foltz, and D. J. Westpfahl, ``Photometric Observations of X Persei,'' 1974, P.A.S.P. 86, 894.

V. C. Rubin, D. J. Westpfahl, and M. Tuve, ``Second Finding List of Faint Blue Stars in the Anticenter Region of the Galaxy,'' 1974, A.J. 79, 1406.

Publications of David Westpfahl - continued

Conference Proceedings, Reports, and Abstracts

Margaret Graham and David Westpfahl, ``The Unusual Rotation Curve of Sextans A,'' presented at the 1993 New Mexico Astronomy Symposium, Socorro, New Mexico, October 29, 1993.

Thomas Tongue and David Westpfahl, ``A Comparison of Two Dwarf Galaxies,'' presented at the 1993 New Mexico Astronomy Symposium, Socorro, New Mexico, October 29, 1993.

David Adler and David Westpfahl, ``HI in the Nearby Grand-Design Spiral M81,'' presented at the 1993 New Mexico Astronomy Symposium, Socorro, New Mexico, October 29, 1993.

John E. Hibbard, Jacqueline H. van Gorkom, David Westpfahl, and Steven Kasow, ``Gas in Merging Galaxies,'' presented at the Third Wyoming Meeting on the Interstellar Media of Galaxies, July 5-10, 1992.

David Westpfahl, ``An Approach Towards Scientific Specifications for AIPS++,'' 1992, NRAO AIPS++ memo 109.

R. M. Hjellming, A. H. Bridle, R. J. Maddalena, D. O. S. Wood, J. A. Zensus, and D. J. Westpfahl, ``AIPS++ User Specifications: An Initial NRAO-Oriented Version,'' 1991, NRAO AIPS++ memo 105.

D. Puche, D. Westpfahl, and E. Brinks, ``Large Supershells in Dwarf Galaxies,'' 1991, BAAS 23, 1445.

D. Westpfahl, ``Pattern Speeds from Integration of the Continuity Equation: The Speed and Origin of the Spiral Pattern in M81,'' 1991, in ``The Interpretation of Modern Synthesis Observaitons of Spiral Galaxies,'' N. Duric and P. Crane, eds., p. 175.

D. Westpfahl, ``The Relighting of Kalispell, Montana,'' 1991, in ``Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris,'' D. Crawford, ed., p. 97.

D. Westpfahl, ``Big Island Cities at Night,'' 1991, in ``Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris,'' D. Crawford, ed., p. 98.

D. Crabtree, D. Westpfahl, and H. Richer, ``120Hz Variations in Sky Brightness over Vancouver, B.C.,'' 1991, in ``Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris,'' D. Crawford, ed., p. 97.

D. A. Klinglesmith, M. B. Niedner, R. J. Oliversen, and D. Westpfahl, ``A Tail-Wagging Event in Comet Austin,'' 1990, in ``Workshop on Observations of Recent Comets,'' W. F. Huebner, J. Rahe, P. Wehinger, and I. Konno, eds., Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio.

David Westpfahl, ``The History of Motion of the Three-Hundred-Foot Radio Telescope: A Statistical Model,'' 1989 in support of the report ``Investigation of the Loss of the Three-Hundred-Foot Radio Telescope,'' by the National Science Foundation/Associated Universities Inc. Special Investigating Committee.

D. J. Westpfahl, ``Limits to the Extragalactic Distance Scale from Integrated Properties of Local Group Galaxies,'' 1985, Ph.D. thesis, Montana State University.

D. J. Westpfahl, ``A Survey for O-B Stars in the Puppis Window,'' 1984, Astronomy With Schmidt-Type Telescopes, M. Capaccioli, ed., D. Reidel, p. 265.

D. J. Westpfahl, ``Limits to the Distance Scale in the Direction of Virgo,'' 1984, B.A.A.S. 16, 458.

D. J. Westpfahl, ``An Updated Version of the Three-Image Survey Method of Haro,'' 1983, B.A.A.S. 15, 672.

R. Larsen, D. Westpfahl, and R. Pollina, ``A Model of the Thermal Breakdown of a Slag Layer on an Anode Wall,'' 1982, in Twentieth Symposium, Engineering Aspects of Magnetohydrodynamics, University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, p.10.2.1.

R. Pollina, R. Larsen, and D. Westpfahl, ``The Electrical Behavior of Rosebud Coal Slag Under MHD Conditions,'' 1981, Topical Report prepared by the Montana Energy and MHD Institute, Butte, Montana, for the U.S. Department of Energy.

D. J. Westpfahl and C. A. Christian, ``Galactic Structure Beyond 3kpc,'' 1979, B.A.A.S. 11, 405.

D. J. Westpfahl, ``Electrical Conductivity of MHD Coal Slags to 2025K,'' 1978, M.S. thesis, Montana State University.